I believe that design thinking & process can help a company align on impact-driven visions and create values for the business growth. From my past experience, I have tackled several challenges w/ most ambiguous and wicked problems from day to day, which mainly involved in translating qualitative research to emerging opportunities to address unmet needs & market potentials, co-creating & re-prioritizing business ideas w/ cross-functional teams and developing viable value propositions to envision future market concepts based on alignment on end-user needs & business objectives.

As continuing to gain a wide range of strategic problem-solving approaches (e.g. Design Sprint, Collision design workshop, Value Proposition development) and user-centric/UX methodology (e.g. ethnographic research, insight synthesis, experience mapping, usability evaluation) to my design tool kit, I have evolved to be a multi-faceted designer with a focus on analytical design thinking and realistic execution to drive iterative design process.

Design process is an iterative process mainly comprised of Build, Measure & Learn with 5 phases of activities: Understanding, Discovery, Ideation, Prototyping & Validation. Phase 3~5 usually circulate simultaneously and repeatedly.